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How to fix “software expired” error in TVAnts



Many users have reported that after using P2P TV streaming app TVAnts for a while, they suddenly receive the message below informing them that the software has expired:


Uninstalling and reinstalling the application using Windows uninstaller doesn’t work. The crucial thing to do is remove the registry entries which Windows frequently leaves behind when removing programs. You can do this manually but it’s not advised since you can seriously mess-up your system if you remove something you shouldn’t from the registry.

I recommend using a tool like the excellent Revo Uninstaller which ensures that not a trace of TVAnts is left behind. Select either Moderate or Advanced mode to ensure that registry entries are removed:

Revo Uninstaller 1

When the process is complete, Revo Uninstaller will show the TVAnts registry entries that have been left behind. Make sure you Select All, click Delete and continue:

Revo Uninstaller 2

Then just re-inistall TVAnts again and it works fine.

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