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How to reactivate TVAnts after it expires



TVAntsI used to rely on TVAnts for years until one day I got the splash screen below when trying to open it. Basically, it told me that the license had expired and took me to the TvAnts website which of course, is entirely in Chinese. However, I deduced that the big red box was the download link and proceeded to wait for the most painfully slow 2.76MB download I’ve ever experienced in my life. After all that, and following the “Chinglish” (my personal fav – “I like your smile, but unlike you put your shoes on my face”) installation instructions, I was frustrated to find that I got exactly the same message again when starting it.

TvAnts License Expired

This has apparently been a major problem for UK users who at the beginning of the last football season, suddenly received the “license expired” message. The sneaky reason they tried to make you download the latest version is because it contains an IP detector which detects which country you are using it from and in certain cases, blocks you with yet another license expired message. Note that this IP Detector has since been removed from the latest version however.

TvAnts Proxy

There are two ways round this if you live in a restricted country (of which there is no official list): a) Move to another country b) Use a proxy to get round it. Ideally, you should use a Taiwanese or Korean proxy such as those listed at Then, in the “Tools” menu click on “Settings” and type the proxy details into the appropriate field. Restart TVAnts and hopefully you shouldn’t experience anymore license expired warnings. If it doesn’t work, then check that the proxy is live and working with an online proxy checker.

By the way, the terribly slow direct download on the Chinese site for TVAnts is here. However, you’ll probably find it much quicker to download it from Softonic plus the review will help you get to grips with the Chinese interface.

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